Development Advisory Services

How can we assist you on your development project?

Have you got your own site or don't know where to start?

With extensive network and reach, we work closely with our clients to source viable development opportunities supported by reliable due diligence assessments including feasibility and yield analysis.

In addition, Nestland often co-invest in projects with our clients and can provide joint venture partners where required.

We offer a suite of advisory services:

  • to assist property investors or developers with their residential property acquisitions;

  • to secure the site on favourable terms and conditions;

  • to conduct independent feasibility modelling and due diligence assessment;

  • to provide highest and best use assessment to ensure profit is maximised;

  • to provide a hands-on delivery approach in reducing costs, mitigating risks and optimising value proposition;

  • to provide advisory services on the development management of your project.

We adopt a systematic approach in our selection process to secure the best suitable sites as though they were our own development projects.

We also provide an independent assessment of the potential sites and provide a full scale property and financial due diligence from a developer’s view point to de-risk our own projects.

Property Acquisition

We provide independent market research on suitable areas of focus and development sites for investing or developing purposes.

We also assist property investors and developers with their off-market property acquisitions and negotiate favourable terms and conditions with the vendor. We may also engage and instruct the relevant legal representatives to formalise the acquisition and settlement of the site.

Development Advisory

In the property development environment, mistakes can be very costly. We can be on your side all along your property development journey by engaging our development management advisory service on an ad hoc basis.

We can provide practical solutions and recommendations to your development issues as we have experienced these previously ourselves. This service will be tailored to your specific project on a set hour basis and face to face meetings are recommended at our office.

Feasibility Modelling

We apply the same streamlined and rigorous process to ensure the proposed site can be developed to its full potential, whilst also considering various worst case scenarios.

A comprehensive full scale feasibility analysis with fee proposals from various trusted service professionals, together with an estimated project delivery plan and cash flow management analysis will be provided for the project.

Development Management

We can provide a full end to end service by forming a development team from our trusted professional partners ranging from structure setup, site acquisition, due diligence assessment, design specification, town planning process, sales and marketing management, project financing, builders tendering and selection, contract and construction management, defect and handover management and all the way through to settlement of the project.

A complete full scale feasibility, cash flow management analysis and detailed project schedule to control costs through each step of the development lifecycle and remedial action if required, will be provided for comprehensive visibility on the health and tracking of the development.

Independent Due Diligence

We can assist our clients by providing an independent assessment of the property they intend to develop without any site constraints.

Our systematic approach in our selection process enables us to select the best possible sites in determining the highest and best use options resulting in a more profitable development.



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